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Mid-Length Hair with Bangs: A Classic It-Girl Style

Blending high fashion with rock 'n' roll.

A mid-length cut with bangs will softly frame the face, resulting in a trendy look that toes the line between high fashion and rock 'n roll.

Get the Look

Depending on how it's cut, this style can either accentuate or soften certain facial features. "Bangs make a bold statement while framing a woman's eyes at the same time," says New York City stylist and L'Oréal Pro Ambassador Drew Schaefering. "The style itself can have an identity all on its own, based on the woman's hair texture and attitude, or whether it's worn smooth, voluminous, wavy, or even messy."

Go Natural

"This look is pulled off best when the natural texture is controlled instead of changed," says Schaefering. "Refrain from using a brush that has too tight of bristles." Instead, go with a paddle or vent brush first, then smooth a little more if necessary. Enhance your hair's natural texture with a light shine-boosting serum.

Pro Tip

Unlike other looks, this style embraces volume in its width and at its ends rather than up top. Use a paddle brush to smooth out the crown so there's less lift there, but use a dollop of volumizing mousse throughout the length before drying. Professionals advise that it's important not to let your hair fall flat against your cheeks, as this look excels when your hair is voluminous and full of movement. A professional stylist can create sophisticated layering according to your hair's texture and show you how best to fix it in place with a styling product tailored to your needs.

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