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Mid-Length and Messy: A Rebellious Rock Star Style

This style is oozing with attitude.

A messy mid-length mane is all about attitude. The length and layering can be adjusted to flatter any face or body shape, allowing this haircut to be virtually fuss-free.

Get the Look

Perhaps the best part about this 'do is that it's got legs: "Every musician who has worn a great layered shag looked good during the whole performance," says New York City stylist and L'Oréal Pro Ambassador Drew Schaefering.

Opting for a tousled mid-length style brings a light airiness to thick and heavy hair. You'll need a professional to help bring your inner rocker to life with an edgy, strategically layered cut, but once they do, at-home styling should be a cinch. If your hair has a natural wave, you can let it air dry with a bit of sea-salt spray-or for extra oomph, add root-lift before blow drying and finish with a curl-enhancer or texturizing spray. If your hair is on the flatter or finer side, pump it up with a texturizer before and after it's dry. Stick straight hair? Add a natural-looking bend or dent to different sections by simply bending it around a 1.5- to 2-inch barrel.

Pro Tip

Schaefering says no matter your hair type, it's best to blow dry using your fingers rather than a brush: "Push back into the ends of your hair as you dry to encourage wave and curl." Drying your hair without a brush gives it a much more air-dried, effortless quality but with a touch of structure.

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