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Long Wavy Hair: For Understated, Effortless Elegance

Bring your hair front and center.

Soft waves are rocking the runway in a big way. Bring your hair front and center with a bouncy look that's the perfect remedy for limp locks.

Get the Look

"This style is gorgeous and it's incredibly versatile," says NYC stylist and L'Oréal Pro Ambassador Pepper Pastor. "If you have a date, or an event, you can simply sweep your hair to the side and off the face and that's a very elegant look. Whether you have super curly hair or super-straight fine hair, you create this look and it's instantly glamorizing."

Tools to Use

Using a styling wand or medium-size curling iron, wrap sections of hair loosely away from the face. After you slide out your styling tool, grab the end of the curl with your fingertips and pull down-like stretching out a slinky-says Pastor. Once you're finished creating the soft waves, set in place with a flexible hairspray or texturizing spray. If you'd rather set your hair at night, or don't want to use heat, try this: Dampen your locks with water or a curl-enhancing gel cream. Then, use a metal-tail comb to separate hair into two sections by parting it horizontally from ear to ear. From there create two buns, one on top of the head and one at the nape of the neck. Sleep with the buns in or let the style dry for a few hours and you're left with tousled, touchable waves that proudly pronounce, I woke up like this.

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