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Is It Time for a Gloss?

Yes. Always yes.

Whether you just got back from a beach trip, a dip at your gym's pool, a hiking excursion, or a simple stroll through the city, you might be inspecting your strands a little closer, wondering why they look so drained of life. As much as you may feel the same way now that the regular 9-5 is back and booming, there's no reason to let your strands sulk. The trick to reviving your tresses is to give them a little TLC to reverse the dulling effects of sun exposure an harsh water. That's right, it's those long days spent in the sun, diving through waves and the deep end of the pool that have left your hair looking less than radiant. No worries though, a glossing treatment can spruce your strands up for the new season. Not sure what all that entails? Read on to learn about how this super-simple treatment can take your spent strands from drab to fab. We consulted Sebastian Langman-Kirtley, a L'Oréal Professionnel Artist, on all the hard-hitting points of glossing treatments.

Glossing Benefit #1: It Adds Shine

According to Langman-Kirtley, glossing has many benefits. It adds shine and brilliance to lackluster hair, it has long lasting conditioning effects, it is a low commitment way to play with subtly changing your hair color and it is a 20-minute service that lasts up to six weeks.


Glossing Benefit #2: It's the Perfect End-of-Summer Hair Treatment

At the end of summer, hair tends to be parched, faded and sometimes brassy. Gloss is a great solution to all of these issues. What's more, Langman-Kirtley points out that it's also a great way to segue into fall color without going drastically darker.


Glossing Benefit #3: It Fades without Demarcation

Unlike permanent hair color, glosses fade from hair with no visible demarcation. "The size of the color molecule in a gloss is larger than that of a permanent color," says Langman-Kirtley. "So, rather than penetrating into the core of the hair, the molecules sit on the surface layer and wash away over time." If you want to take your gloss to the next level, take his word and ask your colorist for Smartbond. Smartbond adds another luxurious layer of conditioning and protection to your hair, helping to make it look more radiant than ever.


Glossing Benefit #4: It Works on All Hair Colors

Gloss adds tone and richness to blondes, reds, and brunettes, but if you don't want to switch your shade, glossing also offers a clear option for the boosted shine without the tone.


Tip: Protect your Investment!

In order to prolong the effects of your gloss, you need to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. These products tend to be less harsh, meaning they will not wash out your gloss as quickly as others might. As far as conditioner goes, we recommend purchasing Smartbond Step 3 Conditioner . The nourishing formula, with ceramides, protects hair to help preserve smooth, strong, shiny strands.


So, who has a glossing appointment neatly penciled-in? We thought after seeing these hair-boosting benefits you might!

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5 Reasons to Get a Hair Gloss Treatment
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Trust us, your hair will thank you.

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