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How To: The Braided Updo

Two fan-favorite looks wrapped in one!

As we inch closer and closer to summer, braids and updos-two of the season's most popular looks-are definitely on our radar. And while there's no denying that both are standout styles in their own right, have you ever thought of combining the two for a unique and playful twist? If so, read on for our tips on how to achieve a classy braided chignon that's perfect for everyday wear or a night out.


Braided updos

Braids-from French braids to fishtail braids-are incredibly versatile, which only adds to their widespread appeal. Why not take your braids one step further by tying them back into a gorgeous updo? The result is a chic, delicate and ultra-feminine style that can be worn anywhere and everywhere-be it a black tie function or a casual outing with friends. Plus, with temperatures on the rise, now's the perfect time to tie back your strands and get some relief from the heat.

A step-by-step guide

Think this glamorous look requires hours spent in front of the bathroom mirror? Think again! Achieving a gorgeous braided topknot is far easier than it looks. Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail, tilting your head down and brushing the hair up for a smooth nape. Set in place with an elastic. Braid the ponytail down to the ends and secure with another elastic. Starting from the bottom of the braid, tug lightly to add pieceiness and texture. Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, pinning in place.


Top tip: Avoid braids that are too tight or overly neat. You should aim for a textured topknot with sleekness on the sides.

Fix your hair in place

A touch of ethereal charm is key when it comes to pulling off this elegant style. The last thing you want is for a few unruly strands to come undone and spoil your look. As such, don't hesitate to fix your hair in place with bobby pins. Gently pin wherever you feel is necessary to hold your topknot in place. Follow with a light hairspray-like L'Oreal Professionnel Infinium 3-in short, deliberate bursts. This can help secure your look and subdue flyaways without eliminating your hair's natural movement.

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