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How to Style Ultra-Short Hair

How to style ultra-short hair Styling super-short pixie cuts A petite pixie cut How to style super-short pixie cuts
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For the most petite pixie cuts.

Who says ultra-short hair can't be ultra glamorous? While the past few seasons have given us shorter hairstyles like the lob, the classic bob, and a resurgence of the 90s-era pixie cut-we've noticed an increasing number of super-short cuts gracing the most high-fashion runway shows and red carpets. These androgynous-inspired styles not only elongate your oh-so-elegant neck; they also give you an instant air of confidence!

On the fence about super-short hair? Allow us to help you over...

Petite Pixie Cuts

Ultra-short hairstyles have been giving long hair a run for its money thanks in large part to their ease of wear. Often, wash-and-go, they are great for chic women who want to call attention to their face in a very no-fuss, no-muss way.

Get the Look

When you have super-short hair, you'll really want to concentrate on the products you use in the shower. Opt for lightweight shampoos and conditioners that will cleanse and hydrate your hair, without weighing it down.

If you have naturally curly hair, you'll want to incorporate a once-weekly hair mask into your routine and use a lightweight product to help keep frizz at bay. For girls with straight strands, you'll want to use texturizing hair pastes and pomades to give yourself a little more control over your style.

Who Should Go Ultra-Short

If you're worried about the shape of your head-or you prefer not to be the center of attention-this cut is not for you. Ultra-short-petite pixie cuts, if you will-work well on bold women who have an oval face shape. For ladies with more angular or round face shapes, consider pixie cuts that have a little bit more length on the top or the sides.

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