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How to Style Short Curly Hair

Three short haircuts for girls with curls!

Now that summer's humidity has made its grand exit, there's no better time to try something new with your curly hair. If you've always wanted to chop those curls and give shorter hair a shot, now's your chance! The shorter your hair is, the easier it is to control the volume of your curls and waves. Below, we share easy ways to tame and style short curly hair!

How to Style a Curly Bob

For a bob with serious bounce-and a look that's seriously stood the test of time-consider cutting your curls into a chin-length style. This ultra-feminine take on the timeless bob evokes visions of early 20s flappers but with a modern edge. When styling be sure you keep the product to a minimum, using just a small amount of mousse or a curl-accentuating cream. "You always want it to have a little flow and bounce," says New York City Stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Amit Abraham. Using too much product can cause a curly bob to become stiff-looking. "Don't ever hairspray a curly bob," Abraham warns. "And please don't brush it out or run your fingers through it once it's dry because it will totally lose its movement and look dated."

How to Style a Curly Pixie Cut

The ultimate short haircut is inarguably the pixie. Curly pixie cuts should always remain longer on top to play up the hair's natural volume-plan on keeping 3-4 inches of length. Reach for hydrating leave-in conditioners and curl-enhancing gels to keep frizz away. If you must dry your hair with a blow dryer, always use a diffuser attachment.

Curly Hair with Bangs

Taking a page from the 70s, curly hair with bangs is one of the hottest looks of the moment. The key here is the cut; you'll want your hairdresser to cut bangs that will flow with the rest of your curls. No matter what, you don't want frizz to destroy your look so putting a little moisture back into your hair with a dime-sized amount of hair oil is an important step before styling.

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