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How to Get No Heat Waves When It's Scorching Hot Outside

No heat necessary!

Sure flowing waves are gorgeous but, with the scorching hot temps, who has the patience for heat styling their hair? Let's face it, pulling out the curling iron, straighter, and even the blow dryer in the summer months can feel like cruel and unusual punishment. Only to be made worse when the humidity turns our fabulous to frizzy in a few minutes flat. Thankfully, with a few tricks of the trade you can still rock effortlessly beautiful waves without breaking into a sweat. Keep reading for two tried-tested-and-approved tricks to get you no heat waves when it's scorching hot outside.

No Heat Hack #1: Braids

The most effortless way to get no-heat waves is to style while you sleep. Take a shower at night and wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. After washing, towel dry your hair, squeezing out the excess water Be careful not to rub-it can create lots of frizz and even breakage. Then, apply a curl-enhancing styling product throughout your strands for control and manageability. Next, depending on how many waves you want, create one large braid-for big waves-or a bunch of smaller braids-for a beachier look. In the morning, take the braids out and use a hair oil to to add shine and smooth away any unruliness.

No Head Hack #2: Mini Buns

Welcome back to the 1990s. The decade that brought us everything from choker necklaces to Black Cherry haircolor is also responsible for shining the spotlight on mini buns. While you can totally wear them out for an edgy rocker look, you can also use mini buns to style your hair into no-heat waves. Start with freshly-washed damp hair and apply two drops of a curl control product-we like Tecni.Art Dual Stylers Liss & Plump Up. Twist your hair into one large bun-for a soft subtle wave-or into many mini buns-for gorgeous, all-over curls. Secure each bun with a bobby pin and allow your hair to air dry overnight. In the morning, remove the bobby pins and shake out the curls-you can get more volume by raking your fingers through! Apply a little hair oil for shine and control.

Looking for even more styles to beat the heat? We share five must-try looks here.

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