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How to Avoid Hat Hair and Static this Winter

Keep static-charged strands at bay.

From berry-colored wide-brims to classic black beanies, hat season has arrived and with it, static-charged strands-that is, unless you do something about it! Looking to avoid hat hair and static during winter? Keep reading!

Do Not Wash and Wear

The fastest way to guarantee hat head? Wearing one over wet hair! While summer is great for wash and wear hair, during the colder seasons, you'll want to make sure your locks are dry before heading outside...and definitely before putting on a hat. Before heading out the door, apply one to two pumps of a hydrating oil through damp stands and blow dry or diffuse. A nourishing oil like Mythic Oil Original Oil helps to provide your strands with nourishment and shine while also helping to combat frizz.

Give it a Spritz

If you frequently experience static when you remove your hat, try spraying the inside with a frizz-fighting spray before placing it on your head. This will help to create a buffer between your hair and the hat, stopping the friction that can cause static. Try Mythic Oil Oil Detangling Spray which was inspired by ancient Egyptian oil layering! Infused with ginger essential oil and osmanthus extract, the spray is even great to quickly smooth out any static that may occur once removing your hat, while also adding shine and nourishing your hair.

Focus on Moisture

Dry, brittle hair is more prone to getting statically charged after removing a hat. This is why focusing on moisture and hydration is so important. Reach for hydrating hair care products that have been formulated for your hair type-which helps to ensure you don't weigh down your hair. Mythic Oil features shampoos, conditioners, and even leave-in products for both fine and thick hair, making finding hydrating haircare products specifically for your needs a breeze!

Style Smart

If the indentation the hat creates causes you more grief than static, consider styling your hair in a twist prior to putting on your hat, this way you'll have soft waves when you arrive at your destination. If that's a no-go, you may want to invest in a hat that's not quite so tight, as to avoid creating that dreaded hat head line! Another great expert trick is to place waves in your hair with a curling iron, flat iron, or wand, which will help to hide any crease created by your hat.

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