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High & Tight: How to Style the Perfect High Ponytail

A stylish, chic look.

The high ponytail is back with a bang this season, taking the runways of the world's hottest fashion designers by storm. Its popularity can be traced to its geometric appeal: "It creates a very strong, feminine shape," says New York City stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel artist Amit Abraham. "It actually accentuates feminine facial features." Here, Abraham explains how you can achieve the look at home.

Get the Look

"The ponytail is best done in two sections," Abraham says. "Create a halo section on top of the head and secure it with an elastic." Next, brush the rest of the hair up to meet the first elastic, being careful to keep it smooth against the head. Abraham recommends brushing in a wet-look gel for an extra sleek look. Then, use a second elastic to join the two parts together.

"Make sure you cover the elastic with a small section of hair," says Abraham. Wrap a small piece around the elastic and pin it under the ponytail with a bobby pin or two, making sure the elastic is completely covered. A spritz of hairspray will help keep it in place. You can also opt to wrap your ponytail with a piece of textured fabric for a more graphic-appeal.

Stylists say...

"If you have an ombré and are looking for alternative way to show that off, a high ponytail is great," Abraham says, as dark roots contrast against the light ponytail to create drama. No ombré? No problem! Create an equally dramatic effect by pairing your ponytail with dazzling dangling earrings, bold eyebrows, or a bright lip color. Simply pulling hair back away from the face creates the opportunity to play up makeup and accessories.

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