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Haircolor 101: How to Choose Between Permanent Color & Gloss

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How to choose between demi-permenant and permenant haircolor

Which haircolor is best for you?

On the fence over which type of haircolor to choose? Allow us to help! Keep reading to find out if permanent color or a demi-permanent gloss is the right choice for you the next time you book an appointment with your hairdresser!

Permanent Haircolor

Who It's For: Anyone who want's a complete change, highlights, or complete grey coverage.

The Details: Permanent haircolor, much like the name implies, is a long-lasting haircolor that doesn't wash out with shampoo. While the color can change over time-with oxidation and fading-it will grow out the same way your hair does, leaving a line of demarcation at your hairline. This line is why those opting for permanent haircolor will need to make appointments to touch-up their re-growth in the salon every four to six weeks. The time between appointments is determined by how fast your hair grows, cosmetic preference, or your budget. If you want to lighten or darken your haircolor or cover up any evidence of those pesky greys, permanent haircolor is the right choice for you.

Demi-Permanent Haircolor: AKA Glosses & Glazes, and Subtle Tonal Enhancement

Who It's For: Low-commitment girls who don't want a major change, anyone who wants to add richness to a permanent or natural color, and anyone who wants lots of shine, or even grey blending.

The Details: Glosses and glazes are tone-on-tone hair dyes that contain no ammonia and impart a luscious, rich color with mega-watt shine. They are perfect if you want to try out a richer hue or copper/red tones without the commitment of salon touch-ups-as demi-permanent haircolor grows out with a subtle or no-line of demarcation. Unlike permanent haircolor, glosses and glazes wash out over time, and typically last anywhere from four to eight weeks as long as you follow a good haircare routine. If you have just a little bit of grey hair that you want to disguise, demi-permanent color is a great option as it can help to blend the greys with your natural color.

No matter what haircolor you choose, hair that's been color treated needs the right products to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Vitamino Color A•OX by L'Oréal Professionnel Série Expert is the perfect haircare regiment to maintain whichever color commitment you choose.

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