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Hair Color Trend: Fall & Winter Reds

Three ways to go crimson in the colder months.

Between the fall foliage and the soon-to-come holiday décor, red is the color of the colder seasons. Why not take note and use these crimson colors to inspire a change of your own? Below we share 3 shades of red our experts are seeing this fall and predict will be a hit throughout winter. Which hue is for you?

Born-This-Way Red

You don't have to be born with a full head of red hair to embrace rich red and copper crimson shades. "Technically, red is the only hair color that works on every single skin tone," says hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Suzie Bond, explaining that the trick is to match the tone of your red locks to the tone of your skin for a truly born-this-way shade. "Even at its most vibrant, copper is typically seen as a natural hair color," explains Bond. Your colorist is an expert at creating the perfect shade of red just for you.

Electric Auburn

If you want your red to lean toward the rich ruby hues, consider an electric auburn shade. While not as natural in appearance as copper and born-this-way red, electric auburn and ruby red are more trendy and fashion forward. This shade is for the woman who wants to be noticed when she walks into a room-it is bold and in-your-face beautiful. Also, in contrast to copper hues which can look great on all skin tones, this tone of auburn looks best on women with paler skin or who have hair with deeper yellow, gold, or orange undertones.

Rose Peach

Just like rose gold-the color that's having a major moment right now-rose peach takes that pastel pink tone but blends it with more of a copper than a blonde. Because of its mix of both a cool rose and a warm champagne peach, the color is perhaps one of the most versatile in the bunch. "This shade can work on both cool and warm skin tones because it contains both a cool and warm shade in it," explains hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Shelley Mohr.

The Red Hair Rule

Sure, that boxed color looks like it's going to be great, but please, leave it on the shelf. You'll want the help of a professional hairdresser to help you find the best tone of red hair for you-whether it's born-this-way, electric auburn, or a rosy peach. "Definitely seek out a professional, vibrant colors are the most difficult to cover up and get out," Bond warns.

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