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Golden Blonde vs. Copper Red: Which Fall Haircolor Reigns Supreme?

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Golden Blonde vs. Copper Red Hair For Fall

Fiery fall colors.

As the warm weather gets set to cool down, fashion and beauty hues warm up. Taking cues from the changing leaves, the Autumn sunsets, and the golden glow of a night sitting beside a crackling fire, haircolors this fall are radiating warmth. Two haircolors sitting pretty at the top of the pack? Golden blonde and copper red. Which one's for you?

Golden Blonde

Golden blonde, just as the name implies, looks like spun strands of gold. It's not as yellow as buttery blonde and not cool like ash, but rather sits in the middle of the two. It looks remarkable with darker roots and bright highlights that help to add movement and dimension. Olive and darker skin both look striking with golden blonde hair.

Ask your L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser for a long-lasting blonde shade that will stay bright and intense for up to eight weeks. Your hair will not only be bright and blonde it will also be soft and shiny! Celebrity stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist, Jason Backe, says to you'll want to also ask your hairdresser about Pro Fiber, an in-salon treatment with at-home products to help preserve the integrity of your hair while you lighten.

Copper Red

Rich, copper-colored hair screams fall. When paired with high shine it's a total showstopper. Plus, it's incredibly versatile. "Technically, red is the only hair color that works on every single skin tone," says hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Suzie Bond. Your hairdresser will work with you to develop the perfect copper red for you. Consider adding movement with Copper Shine Lights or copper contouring, but never attempt at home. "Definitely seek out a professional," Bond says. "Vibrant colors are the most difficult to cover up and get out."

Copper requires a bit more maintenance than Golden Blonde, but it's worth it! Bond recommends using shampoos and conditioners sold at the salon that have been specifically created for colored hair. "Keeping your hair in top condition will create more durability of your copper shade," she says. You'll want to make appointments every four weeks to touch up your roots and get a gloss every other appointment to increase shine.

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