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Gloss Smudging: The Latest Trend for Natural-Looking Hair Color

Ready to give it a try?

Remember when strong lines of demarcation between your new and original hair color was all the rage? It is safe to say that ship has sailed way past the harbor. Trends are leaning more towards natural-looking finishes and subtle touches using hair color products that provide shine and intense care. Enter: Gloss smudging. This new technique involves your colorist adding a gloss to your roots after coloring your hair, using a brush to blend the lines between the roots of your hair and the color of the lengths of your hair. The objective? Seamlessly blur the two colors together and produce an extremely natural result. To learn more about gloss smudging, we tapped L'Oréal Professionnel Artist-and gloss smudging expert-Min Kim. Read our interview with her below.


What is the inspiration behind gloss smudging?


"If a yogi and a fashion model had a baby, they would rock this look to a tee! It's that boho-chic vibe that's all over the streets of New York. The girl that looks low maintenance but is totally high maintenance!"


What are the benefits?


"The immediate benefit is the beautiful shine and condition of hair, but ultimately the satisfaction comes from how this color morphs from cool and sophisticated to a beautiful rooted color. It's ultra modern and oh-so chic!"


Who is a good candidate?


"It's customizable but works best on highlight clients, busy women, cool girls and ultimately anyone that likes having beautiful hair that looks alive!"


What should one keep in mind before taking the plunge?


"Managing expectations is always key. Because this trend has a rooted vibe, it is not for the client that likes to see super bright highlights or highlights coming from the scalp."


If you demand perfect-looking hair, but have a busy schedule that can keep you from dropping into a salon as soon as your roots begin to show, gloss smudging may be right for you! Book a consultation with a L'Oréal Professionnel colorist today.

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