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Get the Look: French Polish

A gorgeous wash of shine for brown hair.

French Polish is perfect for brunette-haired girls who are new to color. This haircolor will keep you looking natural, but give you the refined edge that you're looking for. With the shine of silk, the smoothness of a cup of cappuccino, and the richness of mahogany, French Polish haircolor is the effortless shade of every French girl's dreams.

Just like French girl beauty, French Polish is understated and elegant. This subtle, born-with-it-but-better color is achieved through the art of hair contouring. Your hairdresser will layer brown on top of brown so that the result is natural yet features more dimension than the monochromatic brown many are born with.

The Brunette Bar

The Brunette Bar is L'Oréal Professionnel's answer to brunettes so often reaching for boxed haircolor-and experiencing dull or too-dark of a shade as a result. With the Brunette Bar, a professional will customize a shade of brown that will best complement your features and work with your lifestyle. Each of the services offered are inspired by the beautiful shades of brown hair that scream French girl.

Caring for Brunette Hair

No matter which shade of brunette you choose, it will always look its best when full of shine. To maintain the vibrancy of your new haircolor, it's important to keep shampooing to a minimum-here's a quick refresh on how to train your hair to need shampoo less. When you do shampoo, only use formulas that are suited for color-treated hair. To control oil on the in-between days, reach for your favorite dry shampoo.

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