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Festival Hair Survival Guide: How to Have Flawless Hair All Weekend Long

Your ultimate festival hair guide!

Festival season is around the corner. As you prepare for big crowds, great music, and hours of dancing, make sure to arm yourself with the right tools and tips to keep your mane looking and feeling its best. Lucky for you, we share everything you need to know to maintain flawless hair at a festival, below!

It's no secret that music festivals can do a number on your mane, especially if the natural elements-think: wind and rain-aren't on your side. Pair that with a weekend of camping and limited access to running water and it's easy to understand why maintaining gorgeous locks at festivals is no easy feat. While it may be tough to keep your hair in tip-top shape all weekend long, it's certainly not impossible! With the right tips-hint: plan ahead!-you can get (and keep) a fresh and stylish mane with relative ease. From the best hairstyles to don to game-changing hair products to bring along, we share the ultimate festival hair survival guide, ahead!

Pre-Festival Prep

Got your festival outfits down to a T? Smart move. Now you can spend your time prepping your mane for what's to come. Assuming you won't have access to a shower for a few days, savor the last one before heading out the door. To up the ante, incorporate a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. Most of them take less than 10 minutes and can make a world of difference! Besides, who wouldn't want to kick off festival season with clean and pampered hair?

Be Smart with Accessories

In addition to the music, many festival-goers look forward to the chic fashion and on-trend hairstyles that are sure to make a cameo. As you begin to plan the outfits you're going to wear during the festival, think about how you're going to style your hair. Gather a few accessories-think: bobby pins, bandanas, hats, hair ties, flower crowns (duh)-that can help you achieve your desired look, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Updos are Your Friend

On the hunt for festival hairstyle recs? With all the dancing (and sweating) that's sure to take place in the desert-like heat, we love to recommend updos. Not only do they help minimize tangles, they keep your hair out of your face so you can enjoy your time without constant intervention. Braided crowns, boxer braids, bubble ponytails, and top knots are all trending this season, and make for great styles to wear when the weather is hotter than hot. If you prefer to leave your hair down, we advise opting for a half-up half-down look.

Top tip: To help prolong your hair's cleanliness, try not to touch it. Doing so can increase sebum production and transfer any dirt and grime from your fingers onto your mane. Just another reason why an updo is a great festival hairstyle!

Pack the Right Products

If you're camping outdoors throughout the festival's duration, chances are you won't be able to give your hair a good rinse with shampoo and water. A few spritzes of dry shampoo-like L'Oréal Professionnel Fresh Dust-will help keep your mane from appearing greasy at the roots. Since you'll likely be outdoors for the majority of the festival, don't leave home without a hair product that can protect against the drying effects of direct sun exposure.

Post-Festival Damage Control

After the festival, the first thing you'll want to do is give your skin a deep cleanse. Rinse away dirt and impurities with shampoo and follow up with a hydrating conditioner. To give your mane a little extra TLC (it'll probably need it!), incorporate a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioning treatment.

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