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Expert Hair Hacks For Volume, Frizz & Everything In Between!

We asked an expert to spill her secrets!

Let's face it, when it comes to hair hacks no one knows better than the experts. From the trick to getting lots of volume in fine hair to how to avoid split ends and everything in between, we asked hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Pepper Pastor to spill all of her secrets and we're sharing them with you below!

How to Stop Frizz

"You have to start with the root of the frizz," Pastor says, explaining that frizzy hair is caused by dehydrated hair that is seeking out moisture from the air. To beat frizz, you simply have to make sure your hair is moisturized! "The heavier your hair the more moisture it needs," she says. Her recommendation? Mythic Oil. For thick hair and curls incorporate a weekly mask into your routine. For fine locks use Mythic Oil's daily conditioner.

How to Get Volume in Fine Hair

Think you need to tug and blow dry your fine hair to add volume? Think again. "This is a common misconception," Pastor explains. "With this type of hair you don't want to add a lot of heat." Instead, use a small amount of heat and do what she and those in the industry call a power dry. "After applying product for volume take your fingers and lift your hair up at the crown with your hand-no brushes!-and point the blow dryer so it follows the strand from root to end," she says. When your hair is almost 100% dry, you can reach for the brush.

How to Get No-Heat Waves

For beautiful beachy waves, Pastor says to turn to braids. "Spray Next Day Hair onto dry hair and braid your hair into three braids, once they're dry-you can sleep on them overnight-you can take it out and you'll have a beautiful, sexy wave," she says.

"If you don't know how to braid, reach for a few clean rags (you can cut up an old t-shirt for this) spray your dry hair with a salt spray and then wrap up 3-inch sections in the rags and tie them up. Sleep on the wraps and in the morning you'll have soft waves."

How to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends are a sign of unhealthy hair. To avoid them, Pastor recommends keeping tangles away night and day. "It's really about brushing your hair at the right time...with the right brush," she explains. Use a soft and spongey paddle brush and start at the ends and brush up. She warns not to pull or tug because this will rip the hair. "At bedtime-or throughout the day if you have long hair that tangles easily-brush your hair with 20 strokes and then distribute a split end balm through the ends."

How to Get Your Hair to Hold a Curl

Don't let anyone tell you your hair should be dirty to hold a curl. Pastor says that it's best for it to be freshly dried. "Then, when you curl the hair around the styling wand or the flat iron make sure you leave the tool on there for a decent amount of time," she says. A good recommendation is to leave it on for 6 seconds. But, be warned: "No hair type should use a tool over 400 degrees...just don't go there." After you've curled, hit your hair with hairspray.

How to Tame Flyaways

Turns out that when it comes to taming flyaways, hairdressers have a secret weapon. "Lumi-Contrôle Wax is great if you get little ringlets around your hairline," Pastor shares, "We use it in photoshoots to tame flyaways." For everyday styles, she recommends using a dime-sized amount of Mythic Oil or a mist of Shower Shine.

How to Use Bobby Pins the Right Way

First things first, Pastor says if you're opening up your bobby pins to place them they lose tension and will fall out. Another misnomer? You don't need to spray it with anything before you stick it in place. "A bobby pin is a bobby pin, it won't stay better even if you put wax on it," she says. Keep the pin closed and slide it into the shape you're trying to secure. If you have a lot of slip to your hair-read: super straight and shiny-spray a little Crépage de Chignon into your hair before you style to give the pin something to hold onto.

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