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Everything You Need to Know About Cleansing Conditioners

It's time to try the low-poo trend.

While washing our hair and keeping our strands and scalp clean is an important step in every haircare routine, how we wash is equally as important. If you haven't caught on to the low-poo trend, it may be time to finally give it a try. To learn more about the benefits of using cleansing conditioners we turned to stylist and L'Oréal Professionnel Ambassador Jennie Latona.

What Are Cleansing Conditioners?

First things first, Latona says that cleansing conditioners, as opposed to your traditional shampoos and conditioners, contain light cleansing agents and won't weigh hair down. They don't foam or suds up the same way your regular shampoo will, but a lack of bubbles doesn't mean you're getting a low-quality cleanse, you're just getting a gentler one.

The Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners

Latona explains that, between highlights, heat styling, and shampooing, our hair is subjected to an onslaught of damaging activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. "It's almost as though our hair is set up for failure," she says-this is where the cleansing conditioners come in. "Regular shampoos strip the hair of what it needs to grow healthy," she says. "Unlike regular shampoo, cleansing conditioner doesn't strip your hair of the moisture, proteins, and the natural oils it needs to maintain its integrity and [health]."

If you've always thought of cleansing conditioners as only being an option for girls with coarse, dry hair, think again. "Cleansing conditioners are universally beneficial for all hair types," Latona explains. "They help to give fine hair fullness, they soften wavy hair, and they add hydration and manageability to coarse, unruly curls."

How to Incorporate Cleansing Conditioners Into Your Routine

While many people go the no-poo route-read: not using traditional shampoo at all-Latona says that it's best to use a cleansing conditioner in addition to your regular shampoo and conditioner. "Cleansing conditioners are for use between shampoos," she says, "After every 2-3 shampoos, work [one] into your routine." To use, Latona recommends applying the cleansing conditioner to your hair in the shower and combing through to ensure it works its way through your strands. Wait 3-5 minutes, and then, simply rinse out thoroughly.

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