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Curly & Wavy Hair Inspiration from Fashion Month

How to style wet-look waves. Curly hair with bangs. How to style a wavy bob. Big, voluminous curls. Long curly hair. Half-up half-down curly hair.
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Get textured.

As Fashion Month continues-and we see more and more models strutting their stuff on catwalks from New York City and Paris to London and Milan-we're thrilled to see that embracing natural curls and waves is trending all around the world! If you're looking for wavy and curly hair inspirations this fall, keep reading. We're sharing some of our favorite styles from Fashion Month below.

The Wet Look

Naturally curly and wavy hair is set up for success when it comes to rocking one of the coolest looks of the moment-wet waves. This hairstyle made the news in a big way after a certain celebrity rocked it on an award show red carpet and now it looks like it's made its way to the runway, as well. To give this look a shot at home, you'll need the right tools: Tecni.Art Extreme Splash wet look gel and Tecni.Art Shower Shine spray. Start at the nape of your neck with a small section of damp hair and comb the wet-look gel through with a wide-tooth comb. "Keep moving up in layers so every piece of hair gets saturated," says L'Oréal Professionnel celebrity stylist Jennifer MacDougall. Once you get to the top, create a deep side part and continue combing though. Spray everything with Shower Shine to give your locks the ultimate just-out-of-the-shower vibe.

Curly Hair With Bangs

Whoever said girls with curls can't have bangs, was wrong. One look at this style and it's clear why it's trending this season. The key here is in finding the right bangs for your curls and your face shape. Next up you'll want moisture-and lots of it. Curls tend to fall on the dehydrated side and benefit from a hydrating haircare routine, especially if you have bangs. Use curl mousses and gel-creams that will help to give your curls definition without causing them to fall flat.

Curly Bobs

The bob is by far one of the most timeless hairstyles. Modernize this classic cut by rocking it with your natural waves or curls. By cutting a few strategically-placed layers, your hairdresser can ensure your curly bob has bounce and movement. When it comes to styling products, it's best to keep things to a minimum. Too much product can cause the curls to become stiff. Hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Amit Abraham calls this cut the ultimate wash-and-go and suggests distributing a little extra-volumizing mousse (for fine curls) or styling gelee (for thick curls) through wet hair, comb through, and then shake out the curls once they've air-dried.

Big, Voluminous Curls

This statement style is best for girls with thick, textured hair. "The more hair you have, the bigger you can make it," says MacDougall. When hair is damp distribute a volumizing mousse through the roots to the middle of your length and then a hair oil through the ends. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer or air dry your locks. If you need to touch-up any curls wrap them around a .5-inch curling wand for extra definition.

Long, Cascading Curls

This beautiful style can be worn all down or pulled back and pinned at the crown for a sophisticated half-up, half-down style. To ensure your curls stay soft and springy, style your hair while it's still wet by combing through with a styling gel-this will help to lock in your curl or wave pattern. Then, simply allow your hair to air dry undisturbed!

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