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Combat Your Biggest Hair Color Concerns with #ColorMakeover

Discover three new hair color salon services!

This season, some of the biggest makeup trends-think: contouring, strobing, and highlighting, just to name a few-are finding their way into the world of hair color and leaving their mark. It is fair to say that 'hair color is the new makeup' and with L'Oréal Professionnel's new Majirel campaign, #ColorMakeover, they are presenting three new hair color salon services inspired by the hottest makeup techniques. The main takeaway? Just as you can customize your makeup for your skin tone, style, and personality, your hair color can be personalized in the same way with the expertise of your hairdresser. Below, we share more information about the three Majirel #ColorMakeover services-plus, what you can expect at your consultation!

Flash Luminizer

Do your strands look dull and faded? This service will bring your hair back to looking its best so you can embrace the healthy shine you deserve. The result leaves you with locks that are glossy and luminous!

Tone Neutralizer

Does your hair turn brassy and yellow overtime? A tone neutralizing technique may be perfect service for you. The result? Beautiful, neutralized color that'll make heads turn. It is not only good for blondes with yellow reflect, but brunettes who want to say "bye bye" to their brassy faded color.

Color Sculptor

This technique is for the woman who wants a 360-degree change with customized and sculpted hair. It's the perfect pick for gals dealing with concerns like dramatic re-growth, color blocking, and dark contrast.

The Consultation

During your consultation, discuss your key hair color concerns with your hairdresser. Your hairdresser will then guide you through how those particular concerns can be best addressed using the Majirel #ColorMakeover techniques to offer a tailored result. Whether you're going for a complete color change or simply a color re-fresh, your hairdresser is here to help. If there are any doubts or concerns, don't be afraid to speak up during your consultation. Your hairdresser knows your hair best, so be sure to ask questions to set your mind at ease. With faith in your hairdresser and a little patience, we're confident you'll love your new #ColorMakeover look!

The three looks described above can be brought to life by professional artists using the new-and-renovated #ColorMakeover shades launching this month.

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