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Color Trend: Silver Grey

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Grey goes glam.

For ages we've associated grey hair with getting older, but not anymore. Over the last few seasons celebs and beauty bloggers alike have been going grey intentionally and the result couldn't look any cooler. Whether you're looking to embrace your natural grey or you just want to give the trend a try, we're sharing all the details on getting and taking care of these steel tones below.

Not Your Granny's Grey

The silver grey look is a color trend with some serious legs, thanks in large part its versatility. Just like wintry, ice blondes, silver grey looks amazing on women with all skin tones, ages and ethnicities. While anyone can give grey a go, "this is a shade that shows up best on a lighter hair color," says hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Jason Backe. This is because your hairdresser will use a combination of violet and blue to create a steel, silvery tone. When this combo is placed on darker hair the result doesn't show up as well. If your hair is naturally a darker color, your hairdresser will have to lighten your base first so the silver can really shine.

If an all over steel isn't your style, there is another beautiful option that could be perfect. Have your hairdresser lighten your ends with a balayage technique and place the silvery grey tone over these newly lightened pieces. This will give you a smoky ombré that melts down from your darker roots.

Artist Tip!

Backe says that just like other colors that are placed over lighter strands-think: pastel shades-silver grey can fade quickly if not taken care of properly. To save your steel, protect your hair from UV rays when you're out in the sun and reach for dry shampoos to keep the color from fading fast and your hair looking clean. When you do wash your hair, Backe recommends using a shampoo with a violet toner to minimize the golden tones that may develop and to keep your grey that perfect shade of silver.

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