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Color Trend: Copper Contouring

Wavy copper contoured hair. Copper contouring on long hair. Big, wavy hair with copper contouring.
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Contouring isn't just for the face anymore.

Copper has held its place at the height of fashion because it looks effortlessly chic yet stands out from the crowd. Copper contouring, the hottest trend in copper coloring, goes way beyond merely finding the right hue to complement your skin tone. By strategically placing high and low lights, professional colorists are able to enhance facial features in a similar way to makeup contouring.

For example, a rectangular face might best be flattered by rounding it out a bit. In this case, our colorists would systematically lighten pieces around the hairline to highlight cheekbones and soften the corners of the face, resulting in a more oval appearance.

Custom Color

"Copper contouring is customized beauty," says hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Theresa Adams. "No two redheads will be the same. The right tone will bring a creaminess to the complexion," Adams says. "Don't forget to talk to your colorist about how vibrant you want it to be: should it whisper, talk, or shout?"

The Perfect Look

A professional will choose the right shades of copper based on your skin tone. "With reds it's about finding the best undertone for your skin," says Adams. "Someone with a cooler skin tone might go with violet tones, while a warmer complexion will call for something warmer. L'Oréal Professionnel offers doubletones, so we're able to dig deep and get wonderful reflection off the skin, so it feels sexy, luxe, modern and classic at the same time."

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