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Chill Vibes: Surfer Girl Waves vs. The Wet Look for Winter

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Beach waves vs. wet look for winter

Warm up this winter with summer styles!

Want to reinvent the meaning of winter chill? Embrace cool-girl summer styles all winter long! Our experts tell us more about surfer girl waves and the wet look for winter, how to get the looks, and what makes each style so chill below-but which is best?

Get the Look

The best part about these two hairstyles is that you don't have to change up your whole look in order to try them out. Both looks work with the same haircut-and lucky for you, that cut is the ever-in-season blunt-cut lob! The long bob is one of the most versatile cuts around-making it a favorite among celebrities and girls-next-door alike! If blunt cut isn't your thing, ask your hairdresser for some subtle stacked layers.

Surfer Girl Waves

With its side-swept appeal and laidback look, surfer girl waves are the ultimate indication of a day spent seaside. But, who says you need to book it to the beach to get this seaside style? Simply by reaching for a texturizing spray, you can get that sought-after back-from-the-beach look without ever leaving your hometown. To get the look, saturate freshly washed hair with a sea-salt or texturizing spray and scrunch. If you have super straight strands, you'll want to wait until your hair is dry before spraying with your texturizer.

For a more polished version, use a curling wand and wrap your hair loosely around the barrel, alternating between wrapping the hair toward and away from the face. Before brushing out the curls with your fingers, stretch each coil out like a slinky. This will help you create a much softer wave pattern. When cool, separate with your fingers and spray a bit of light-hold hairspray.

Wet Look for Winter

The wet look is typically a style we associate with the hot summer months-and typically post pool or when we're simply too tired (or its way too hot) to reach for a blow-dryer. However, with a few tricks you can rock a wet look all year long. This sophisticated style is a great choice for both romantic date nights and drinks with your gal pals. And the key to wearing it in the winter is styling when your hair is dry. While you can get away with styling a wet look on damp strands in the summer months, in the winter you're all but asking to get sick. Instead, use a wet-look gel on dry strands. Starting at the nape of the neck, comb the gel through your hair and continue this through each layer until every piece is saturated. To lock in the style, use a wet-look spray or even a strong-hold hairspray and you're done!

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