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Braids: Large vs. Tiny

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Tiny braids vs. large braids.

Which braid is best?

Whether you're looking for a protective style, a look with a little edge, or a romantic updo, braids are typically the technique of choice. They look beautiful on all haircolors and hair textures and can be worn tiny and tight or large and loose! Which type of braid do you prefer?

The Tiny Braid

Tiny braids are thin and often tighter than their larger counterparts. They can be worn all over, sporadically throughout hair for a pop of unexpected texture, or even in place of parts-we share a braided part how-to here! One of the best things about smaller braids is that they can be executed on all hair lengths, making them a great option for everyone. A look we're currently obsessing over are tiny braids that lead up to a top knot. For this look you can opt for one solid upside-down French braid or go for the runway-inspired look above and cornrow three sections of hair underneath the bun by hanging your head upside-down and braiding tight tiny braids close to the scalp starting at the nape of the neck and ending at the crown. Once you're finished braiding, tie the loose hair into a high top knot at your crown. Note: Unless you have curly hair that holds a braid easily, you may find that braiding is easier when your hair is just a little dirty. If your hair is freshly washed, use a little dry shampoo or volumizing spray to add a little texture and give your braid staying power.

The Large Braid

Larger braids-often worn loose with a laidback vibe-help you to evoke a romantic Bohemian vibe that goes perfectly with this season's maxi dresses and wide-brimmed hats. Wear a large braid side-swept and over one shoulder with a few face-framing pieces pulled out or in a gorgeous crowned braid-we share an easy tutorial for that here! One great way to wear a large braid from morning meetings to happy hour drinks with the girls is to pull your hair back into a tight high or low ponytail and then to braid the length. The only caveat with larger braids is that your hair must be past your shoulders in order to achieve many of these looks. To make a large braid even bigger, pancake it! Gently tug on each of the loops, pulling it out ever-so-slightly from the braid to give the illusion of thicker hair.

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