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Beach Waves on Long Hair: For Sexy Summer Hair All Year

Beach waves made easy.

Even if you can't spend each day seaside, this salt-kissed, wind-blown look is easy to achieve using a few styling tips and products.

Catch a Wave

Beach waves on long hair have long been a SoCal staple-gracing the locks of surfer girls and beach babes, alike. Get the look without spending hours seaside. To start, brush out your locks with a wide-tooth comb. Use a clip to pin up your hair above the ear line, leaving the bottom section down. With a one or two inch curling wand, starting at the ear, wrap a one-inch section of hair away from the face, leaving a two-inch section of hair straight at the bottom (you'll be holding onto the ends). As you make your way around your head curling one-inch sections at a time, alternate wrapping the sections toward and away from your face. When the bottom tier is complete, spray with an extra-hold hairspray. Next, let hair out of the clip, this time pinning up only your hair in the crown section of your head. Repeat, then spray again. When you get to the last layer, spray the roots of each section with a root-lifting spray before curling as normal. Once hair has cooled down (usually about 5 minutes) use your fingers to break up the curls, creating a piecey, undone look. Add a touch of sea-salt spray at the ends and finish with a firm-hold hairspray.

Pro Tip

This breezy, beachy look works great on second-day hair. If hair is freshly washed you'll want to use a texturizing spray to recreate a messy, sun-kissed vibe.

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