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A Wet-Look Effect on Long Hair: The Trendiest of the No-Fuss Styles

A stunning wet look on long locks.

A wet look on long locks can be stunning with virtually no prep. It makes a fun and confident statement, perfect for a busy woman on-the-go.

Get the Look

Like most things in life, this look is all about attitude. Owning it as you walk down the street is all it takes to pull it off. That said, our stylists tell us that this style works best on straight hair (or at least hair that's not coarse or curly) and that it frames oval face shapes extra nicely.

Dive in

Start underneath at the nape of the neck with a small section of your hair and comb through it with a wet-look gel. "Keep moving up in layers so every piece of hair gets saturated," says L'Oréal Professionnel celebrity stylist Jennifer MacDougall. Then, with a wide-tooth comb, slick your hair back on both the top and the sides to achieve that fresh-out-of-the-shower look. When slicking back your hair, remember that this look works best when created without a part. As well, the length of the hair should be pushed back off the shoulders, allowing it to cascade down the back.

Stylists say...

Try out this style while on vacation or in a hot climate. "Who wants to blow out their hair when they've been at beach all day?" asks MacDougall. "In a hot place it's a quick way to transform your hair while keeping it modern."

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