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6 Steps to Get the Perfect Top Knot

Your best bun ever.

Whether you're channeling your inner ballerina or just simply want a style that keeps your hair out of your gorgeous face this holiday season, top knots are where it's at. These high buns are ultra-chic, looking fabulous when paired with a laidback outfit or something for a special occasion. But, often when styling, top knots can look more like messy buns than like the stylish updos they truly are. If you need help getting the perfect top knot, keep reading. Below we share 6 steps to style a top knot this season!

Step 1: Nourishment

No style will look right if your hair is not on point. This is why having a hydrating haircare routine complete with weekly hair masks and hair oils is so important. Healthy hair not only appears shinier than its dull, brittle, lackluster counterparts, it is also able to hold a style better-and is more protected against breakage! If your hair needs a little extra TLC before it's ready for the spotlight, talk to your hairdresser about Pro Fiber. This in-salon personalized hair treatment can breathe new life into unhealthy-looking hair.

Step 2: Get a Clean Canvas

While rumor dictates that dirty hair holds a style better than clean hair, it's simply not true. To get a top knot that looks shiny and not greasy-and one where the bun is full and fluffy-you'll need to start with clean hair that's been freshly dried. Wash your locks with a volumizing shampoo and only condition the mid-shaft to ends of the hair. After washing, gently squeeze excess water out of your hair and reach for a blow dryer. If you have curls, dry with a diffuser attachment or if you prefer styling your hair when it's straightened, use your blow-dyer's nozzle attachment to get a shiny, frizz-free dry.

Step 3: Use a Texturizer

If you have hair that is especially slippery-read: super-shiny straight hair-you'll want to spritz a small amount of texturizing spray at your hair's roots to help give it grip. Not only will a texturizing spray give your hair the grip it needs to stay in place all day, it will also help to add volume to get you a bigger-and better-top knot.

Step 4: Create a High Ponytail

A bun is only as good as its base, which is why you'll want to make sure you spend a few extra seconds on this step. Decide if you want a messier top knot or a polished bun. For a messy version, use your fingers to pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure at the crown. For a chicer look, use a hairbrush to smooth out any bumps before securing into a high pony. You may also want to use a styling wax to smooth down any flyaways around your hairline.

Step 5: Make Your Knot

Separate your ponytail into two sections-if you have fine hair you may want to gently tease each section at the base of the ponytail to create more bulk for your bun. Next, twist the sections together and then wrap the now twisted ponytail around the base. Secure as you go with bobby pins-use as many as you need. For a bigger top knot, gently pull at the bun to create the illusion of volume.

Step 6: Spray to Secure

Once you're satisfied with your final top knot, spray everything with a light hold hairspray to keep any flyaways at bay and to keep your look in place for the long haul!

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