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5 Reasons to Cut Bangs this Winter

It's time for a change.

Now that we're entering a new season it's time to try a new look! A great way to change things up? Bangs. Keep reading to discover the 5 reasons you should absolutely cut bangs this winter!

Reason #1: The Timing's Right

One of the major factors that stop most women from giving bangs a try is humidity. Since humidity can cause our hair to have a mind of its own, having unruly bangs front and center isn't exactly an alluring option. But, now that the frizz-causing heat and humidity has made its final exit until next year, there's no better time than now to finally give bangs a try. In the dryer winter months, you can rest assured that your bangs will stay in place-and frizz-free-after you style them!

Reason #2: You Love Your Length

Okay you want a change, but the idea of chopping off those locks you spent all year growing out is not an enticing one. This is where bangs come in. You can keep your length while completely changing up your look and giving the illusion that you got a totally new haircut!

Reason #3: Versatile Looks

One of the best reasons to cut bangs is how versatile they can be. Cutting long curtain-like bangs gives you lots of options. You can wear them parted in the center for a mod-era bombshell vibe or worn side-swept to give your style a sultry appeal. On days you'd rather not have bangs, they can be easily pinned or slicked back.

Reason #4: To Channel Your Inner French Girl

One of the It Looks of the moment is French girl hair. Marked by an intentionally disheveled but unbelievably chic vibe, the look almost always is paired with some beautiful wispy bangs.

Reason #5: You Need a Change

If you've been rocking the same look since junior high, it's time to try something new. Whether you opt for blunt-cut bangs, micro baby bangs, or longer curtain bangs, there's a style out there that complements everyone!

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