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4 Leave-In Haircare Products You Need This Year

These products are must-haves!

The beginning of a new year is often a time when our schedules can feel more crazy than ever, leaving us with little time for self-pampering and TLC. Enter leave-in haircare products! Below we're sharing four leave-in products that require no rinsing and help our hair look its best with minimal effort from us!

Nutrifier Overnight Mask

This silicone-free, fast-drying foam mask works overnight to help to transform the appearance of your hair upon waking. Hair feels and looks softer, more supple, and full of shine. To use, shake the bottle, turn it upside-down, and distribute a golf ball-size of the foam in your hand. Apply the foam evenly through dry hair and hit the hay!

Pro Fiber Restore Leave-In

If you find that your hair appears thinner than usual and damaged, reach for this Leave-In strengthening serum. The serum helps to treat damage while softening strands. What's more, it helps to prolong the results from the Pro Fiber in-salon treatment. To use, apply to clean, towel-dried hair and do not rinse.

Pro Fiber Recover Leave-In

If your hair is very damaged-think coarse hair, double-processed, chemically treated and frequently heat styled-it's time to try the Pro Fiber Recover system. After the in-salon treatment use this conditioning and strengthening serum to not only prolong the effects of the in-salon treatment but also create shine, soften hair, and treat existing damage. Apply to freshly shampooed towel-dried hair and don't rinse. You can also use this leave-in treatment without getting the in-salon Pro Fiber treatment if you choose.

Serie Expert Protective Dual Serum

Sick of split ends? Try this! This Dual Serum helps to resurface split ends on every hair type and give damaged hair the nourishment it needs. Damaged hair is left feeling stronger and more replenished. Apply to damp or dry hair and don't rinse out!

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