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3 Reasons to Treat Your Hair to Weekly Masks

TLC for your strands.

You shampoo and condition with the right products, you don't over-do it with heat styling, and you'd never dream of not getting a regular trim. However, for some reason your hair just doesn't look as great as it should. It's possible you're skipping a very important step in your haircare routine: masks. Whether you choose a deep conditioning option in the shower, a 5-minute mask post-wash, or an overnight treatment that gets to work while you snooze, a weekly hair mask is a must if you want healthy, strong, beautiful hair. Below we share the three top reasons why you should be treating your hair to a weekly mask.

Reason #1: Hair Masks Allow You to Customize Your Routine

Just like getting a monthly facial at the spa, a weekly hair mask gives you an opportunity to target any specific haircare concerns you may have. Have color-treated hair that's losing its vibrancy? Curls that are lacking bounce and shine? Locks that continuously split and break? There's a hair mask that's been formulated for each of those concerns. What's more, you can use multiple masks throughout the month to give your hair the opportunity to benefit from more than one treatment.

Reason #2: Hair Masks Are Packed with Hydration

While masks may all target different hair care concerns, most have one thing in common: hydration. Even if your mask isn't labeled as nourishing, chances are its a rich, creamy formula that will give your locks the moisture boost they need to look and feel their best. If your strands are feeling dry and brittle because of the cold weather or you've simply been reaching for the flat iron more often than before, your parched locks will most definitely benefit from a weekly hydrating mask. Adding a mask to your weekly routine simply helps you make your hair more radiant and manageable.

Reason #3: Hair Masks Make You Take a Little "Me Time"

As we get set to start the holiday season, stress can become more and more prevalent. Between to-do lists, family obligations, holiday shopping, and end of year deadlines at work, that stress can take its toll on your hair. Using a weekly hair mask not only benefits your luscious locks, it also gives you an opportunity to have 5-10 minutes to yourself. Spend that pre-rinse time soaking in a warm aromatic bath or giving yourself an at-home facial, your hair (and your sanity) will thank you!

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