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3 Color Trends For Blondes This Winter

Embrace your lighter locks!

While some ladies opt to go darker during the colder months, for diehard blondes it's a time to embrace their lighter locks with some of the latest trends. From strong roots to honey tones to snowlights, we're sharing the three latest trends for blonde hair this winter below!

Dark Roots on Blonde Hair

Inspired by the transition from dark to light that ombré and sombré balayage brought into the mainstream, a dark root on blonde hair is a popular look for Winter 2017. Rooty blondes look more natural and effortless than an all-over blonde, often having more dimension and movement thanks to the blend of highlights and lowlights placed throughout. You can opt for a super contrasted look by keeping your blonde ashy and bright or go for something more seamless with a melted golden, buttery shade. This trend is yet another example of how the beauty looks of the 90s have made the ultimate comeback. If you love contrast and the ability to stretch the time between haircolor appointments a rooty blonde is for you! Your hairdresser will help to create a customized placement of highlights and lowlights so the roots appear effortlessly grown out and intentional.

Honey Blonde

"Honey blonde is trending because of its versatility," explains hairdresser and L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Brooke Evans. You can wear the color both monochromatically-read: as one solid color-or dimensionally-as highlights. What's best about the honey toned color is that it complements both warm and cool skin tones and eye colors and can be blended seamlessly onto both blondes and brunettes with a little balayage or foiling techniques. "Honey blonde is gaining popularity for its soft, sexy, and modern look," says Evans. "Anyone in the know will be asking for this shade."


If you prefer your blonde icy cold, ask your hairdresser about snowlights. Snowlights give the tone of your blonde a cool, ashy quality, looking like frost. L'Oréal Professionnel Artist and New York City hairdresser Min Kim explains that snowlights differ from other highlighting techniques because of the ashy tone the hairdresser can achieve. What's more? As the name suggests, they are placed on the crown in a snowflake pattern instead of the traditional "T" shape of other highlights. To maintain the frost factor at home, Kim suggests using a color depositing conditioner and shampoo which can help to control any warm, brassy tones that may come through.

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